1. Drinking water installation

As a basic principle, the respective valid and current provisions and rulesets for planning, evaluating, executing and operating drinking water installations must be observed. The requirements for drinking water are described in the 2001 drinking water ordinance. In order to avoid negative influence due to installation pipe materials on the hygienic requirements of the 2001 drinking water ordinance, they must be selected with the new prEN 12502 and national residual standard DIN 50930-6 etc.

ANPRO Press Fittings as well as pipes are inspected and approved according to DIN/EN 1057 and DVGW-GW392 for drinking water. 


2. Air pressure installation

ANPRO Press Fittings are suitable for compressed air systems up to 16 pressure. It is to be noted that compression air classes 1-4 are possible for factory-installed black EPDM gaskets, consistent with ISO 8573-1 / 2001. A different gasket is to be utilized under application of compressed air class 5.  


3. Vacuum and solar lines

ANPRO Press Fittings is also suitable for vacuum and solar lines.?

Replacing the gasket is mandatory, because higher temperatures can destroy the black EPDM gasket. The green FPM gasket is supplied in bulk and must be replaced by the processor. Humidification of the gasket is recommended for improved sealing.  


4. Heating

ANPRO Press fittings with a black EPDM gasket is suitable for closed warm water systems up to a max of 120ˇăC according to DIN 4751 and a max. 16bar pressure. The installations can occur for slush mount and well as surface wiring installations. ANPRO Press Fittings should be consulted before applying frost and/or corrosion protection materials.


5. Special applications

As a basic principle, ANPRO is to be contacted before executing special applications.