anpro Fire-Sprinkler System


Fire doesn’t discriminate. A fire can devastate an office building as easily as it leaves a home in ashes.

The best way to against a fire,  you can mount is a trustworthy fire

protection system that will suppress or extinguish a fire

before it grows beyond containment.

Anpro  offers Fire-Sprinkler Systems that are suitable for

nearly every type of building, ranging in size and complexity

from industrial factories to family homes.

 Anpro  Fire-Sprinkler Systems  are also available in multiple materials

for versatility on the job. 

Save time and labor

Commercial fire protection systems don’t have to take a lot of time to install. With Anpro press-fittings joining systems, you can install copper, stainless steel or black iron Fire-Sprinkler Systems quickly and easily without heavy equipment, fire watches, messy oils or wasted time.

Keep it simple

ANPRO FITTINGS can all be joined using the same press tool. Anpro systems can be easily prefabbed

before installation for faster assembly on the job site and all it takes to make a reliable connection is a single press. 

Tested and approved

ANPRO FITTINGS systems are suitable for FM approved Sprinkler system.