A contoured EPDM elastomer is used to make the connection impermeable. 

The inseparable, permanently impermeable, friction-locking press connection actuated by longitudinal and profile forces is achieved by cold forming the system press fittings. 

The creation of such a connection is executed with the aid of the pressing tool listed in this technical handbook. 

The contour that results from the pressing process is comprised of two pressing layers. In this way, impermeability is achieved by compressing the elastomer in the first pressing layer. 

The system press-fittings and the pipe are plastically cold-formed in the second layer in order to achieve the durability mechanically required of the connection.



Press Fittings technology has already been under development in Scandinavia for more than 50 years. Stainless steel press systems have been used for building services in the Central European market for 25 years.

This is also reflected in the growing market shares compared to traditional connection technologies such as screwing, welding and soldering

ANPRO offers the user an extensive range of products made of different materials as well as dimensions between 15 and 108 mm.

The planer and the installation technician are therefore in the position to plan, produce and operate service facilities according to rulesets EN 806, EN1717, EN 12329, DIN 1988, DVGW W 551 and W 552 etc.